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Hire with more confidence

Apprenta's automated micro-apprenticeships give you the real-world candidate data you need to confidently hire in less than two weeks.

Talent is evenly distributed, opportunity is not

Current hiring systems over-index on resume signals and degrees, overlooking high-potential, untapped talent pools.


Apprenta's software tools enable companies to make hiring decisions with more pertinent data and less bias through automated, accelerated micro-apprenticeships.

Confident Businesswoman


Hiring for entry-level administrative roles?

Sales development representatives

Hiring sales development representatives?


Hiring for entry-level billing and coding roles?

customer Support & DATA ENTRY roles

Hiring for customer experience, customer support, or entry-level IT roles?

Fits seamlessly into existing recruiting workflows

We run micro-apprenticeships for you

Tell us what candidates you want to evaluate, and we will manage the micro-apprenticeship end-to-end for you, delivering a data-rich report of candidate potential and skills

Make data-driven
hiring decisions

Hiring teams review work outputs, using our data to de-risk hiring decisions

We re-run new cohorts for you with ease

Launch your existing program to review another batch of micro-apprentices whenever a hiring need arises 

Who are we

Why Apprenta?

We find gems

By offering a quick and scalable way to evaluate candidate potential and skills in specific roles, you can confidently relax degree requirements and open up a pool of non-traditional, underestimated talent.


We apply evidence-based practices to evaluate candidates in an unbiased way, and evaluate each candidates' potential and capabilities based on their work performance.

How it works
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